Best Downhill Mountain Bike Trails

Downhill riding is the part of mountain bike riding that your mama warned you about. It’s meant for the adrenaline junkies and the crazies who fancy hurdling down a mountain at breakneck speeds and gloat during the process.If you have never raced downhill, then you have not experienced mountain biking yet. It is a whole load of fun, thrills and not to forget, uninhibited adrenaline. A lot of people do not venture full steam into downhill racing due to the lack of dedicated downhill trails near them. If that was your reason for not trying this amazing part of mountain bike riding, then here’s our list of the best downhill mountain bike trails that you absolutely need to be on.Irrespective of whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned downhill rider, these trails will test you and hone you like a well cut stone.

Three of the best downhill mountain bike trails

#1 – Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Undoubtedly, the grand daddy of all Downhill mountain bike trails in the world, Whistler brings to you the best 200 kilometers of mountainous terrain that you will ever ride on. These well maintained trails are perfect for riders of all skill sets and experience levels. And if this is the first time you are racing downhill, then you can hire a guide too. Whistler is also home to Crankworx, the global slopestyle mountain bike riding festival that brings the stalwarts of riding to this neck of the woods. In addition to this annual event in August, Whistler also hosts a bunch of weekly events.  When you are racing downhill, just be careful about the old black bear that may cross your path.

#2 – Highland Downhill Park

Ask any mountain biking enthusiast who rides DH and the first two names that they would suggest will be Whistler and Highland. This amazing park is located in New Hampshire and is a favorite with the pros of downhill racing. This is the only lift assisted mountain in the world that focuses exclusively on biking. The result is an amazing network of trails of all types that are perfect for riders of all skill levels. You have all the downhill slopes that you can ask for in addition to a range of slopestyle and cross country mountain bike trails. If you are anywhere close to Boston, then a visit to Highland can change your perception of a downhill ride.

#3 – Mammoth Bike Park

Mammoth Bike Park is one of the well known names among the DH riding community and features over 3500 acres of pure riding bliss. There’s a lift and shuttle service, private one-on-one lessons from experts and of course, near vertical drops on some of the downhill slopes.  One of the best parts about riding your bike at Mammoth is that you will never feel overwhelmed even if you are a noob. There are enough practice loops to keep you busy and master your skills. And if you are just itching to go downhill, then take the Gondola to the top of the mountain and try the Skid Marks trail.