Finding the Right Cycling Shoes

So you have really gotten into mountain biking and those throw away sneakers are just not doing the job anymore? You are passionate about your favorite outdoor activity after all. Why not show off all your hard work with having the gear the professionals use? Have no fear, you will not be the only person with muddy out of style tennis shoes on the trail anymore.

Sidi Genius 5 & Kukome Road MTB specialized mountain bike shoes review

Today we will chew the fat on two excellent cyclist shoes.

The Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon and the Kukome Road MTB. We will find which one is right for you, based on style, comfort, durability and affordability. Sit back and relax, you worked up enough sweat on the trail. There is no reason for you to not look as good as you ride those hills. Pound a clif bar and get your smart water ready we are reviewing two great shoes one of which might be the matching pair you have been looking for.

Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon Road Shoes 2014 Black 44.5


Cycling shoes are not exactly a pair of toms in the comfort department.

These are performance shoes after all. These shoes are made for the sole purpose of performing. I know there is no pain no gain. But why must we torture our feet to be active? This is why when buying any kind of training show comfort should be first on your mind.

Luckily both of these shoes have been described as very comfortable by their proud owners. Some lifelong riders claim the Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon may be the most comfortable cycle shoes they have ever owned. While the Kukome Road MTB is not short of any diehard supporters, some people have complained about the shoes fitting too tight. The recommended remedy is to buy the shoe a size larger than your normal shoe size. With that one issue aside any consumer should be riding in comfort with either shoe.


Each shoe comes highly recommended by previous owners and many of them are repeat customers.

Some advice given for the Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon is to make any changes you want to the replaceable heel pad as soon as you get it because the screw to access it has been known to wear down till the screw is stripped.

On the other hand the Kukome Road MTB has many repeat owners also. These owners are more than happy to recommend these shoes to other riders given the great value. Although some people have complained about cheap material, this is often overlooked given the price and the rate most shoes ware regardless of material.

KUKOME Men Women Road MTB Cycling Shoes


Ok none of us (well most of us) hit the trail to look cool.

But looking good while riding good never hurt anyone. As with anything that humans put on their body, everyone wants to have their personality shine. You dont want to be grey in a world of color. You do not want to look like everyone else. This is almost as important as the bike itself.

Both shoes have very stunning futuristic designs. Slick lines brings exceptional detail to each of these shoes. The main difference is selection. The Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon is pretty black and white in its options. That is they have a black one and a white one. But don’t worry if you desire more color in your life then the Kukome Road MTB is the shoe for you. With twelve different colors and designs to choose from, you likely to find the shoe that fits you both physically and aesthetically.


The Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon is the most expensive shoe we will be reviewing today.

Its price tag ranges from $200 to $300. Meanwhile the Kukome Road MTB is in a more affordable price range $70-$170. That is a clear difference in price. Obviously this makes a decision easy for someone casually entertained by riding vs someone who is a habitual rider. But everyone one this day in age should be asking the same question regardless of experience level. Is it worth the extra $200?

Which one is for you?

Well each shoe has been laid out the best they could be.

So now is the time to ask yourself which shoe fits you? Unlike many things the price difference seems to be purely cosmetic with a few differences in longevity. I don’t know if one shoe will make you faster than the other. I will say that seems unlikely.